Hi, I'm Rebecca Loebe and I made you something. 🎁

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Over the past decade, Austin-based troubadour Rebecca Loebe has been steadily building her audience by driving hundreds of thousands of miles in an old station wagon, performing in listening rooms and theaters across 46 states of the US, with additional stops in Canada, Japan, Europe, and the UK.

Her award-winning songs and breathtaking voice have landed her on national television (as a contestant on the first season of NBC's The Voice) and won praise from the music world's most prestigious outlets, including Rolling Stone, Billboard, The BBC, and NPR Music.

After ten straight years on the road, Rebecca has found herself at home more than usual recently, so she's been putting her college degree in audio engineering to good use. She built out her home recording studio and has been writing, recording, and performing virtually for her audience around the world. She also got a puppy, who makes occasional cameos.

Rebecca Loebe | Copyright 2022